Competency in Optometry Examination

2022/2023 Application and Examination Fees

(Effective from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023. Fees below are in Australian Dollars)

Application Fees
Form 1: $409
Form 2: $794
Form 3: $794

Additional application information requested by OCANZ $263

Appeal Fees
Administrative Review: $800
Appeal Committee Review: $1,600

Written Exam Fees
Both Papers: $3,234
One Paper: $1,700

Clinical Exam Fees
Skills Exam: $2,620
Patient Exam: $4,320

Cultural Safety Training for Optometrists Fee: $275 (non refundable)




Examination Fees Refund Policy

Written Examinations:

The fees are payable per attempt. There is no refund for failure.

Clinical Examinations:

The fees for the skills examination are payable per attempt. There is no refund for failure in the skills examination, however, if a candidate fails the skills examination, and is therefore not able to sit the patient examination in the same session, the patient examination fee is not payable and a candidate who paid for this examination has two options.

  1. A full refund of the patient examination fee (a $200 administration fee will be charged) 
  2. The patient examination fee can be retained by OCANZ as a credit to be used towards a future clinical examination (no administration fee will be charged).

Withdrawal prior to the written and clinical examination:

Withdrawal from an examination must be provided in writing to Any withdrawal from OCANZ written and clinical examinations will incur a $200 administration fee. The amount refunded or held in credit towards another examination attempt is dependent on the notice provided by the candidate, as outlined below:

Day before examination to 14 days before examination no refund or credit

15 days to 8 weeks before date of examination 50% of fee paid (less $200 administration fee) is refunded or credited to candidate

More than 8 weeks before date of examination 100% of fee paid (less $200 administration fee) is refunded or credited to candidate

Candidates who are required to withdraw from an examination due to an unforeseen and documented COVID-19 requirement which prevents their examination attendance will receive full credit towards a future exam session (ie: no withdrawal and/or admin fees).  Refunds are not provided.