About Us


The OCANZ constitution provides for 5 members to be appointed as the owners of the company OCANZ Ltd. 

The Members appoint the Directors and the Auditor, receive the Annual Report, and oversee the OCANZ Constitution. They usually meet twice per annum.

The Members are:



Ms Skye Cappuccio

Optometry Australia

Mr Jayesh Chouhan

Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board (NZ)

Mr Michael Pianta

Accredited Heads of Schools Nominee

Mr Wilson Sue

New Zealand Association of Optometrists

Mr Colin Waldron

Optometry Board of Australia


For more details about the role of Members read the OCANZ constitution.

ocanz members 22 700

Pictured left to right are:
Ms Lynette Brodie (outgoing Member), Mr Michael Pianta, Mr Colin Waldron, Mr Jayesh Chouhan (Absent: Mr Wilson Sue, Skye Cappuccio)